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Petter Bergander Trio



The electronic influence has followed Petter through his career as one of the top piano players in Swedish music life. Among those he has been touring most frequently with are Louise Hoffsten, blues singer and harmonica player, trombonist Nils Landgren, soul/funk artist Kaah and singer-songwriter Amanda Jenssen.

In 2014 he formed the Petter Bergander Trio together with bass player Martin Höper and drummer Robert Mehmet Sinan Ikiz to record The Grand Dance. It is Petter Bergander’s debut album as a solo artist, composer and band leader and will be released in the fall of 2015.

The music is written during travels to big cities all over the world; Bangkok, Tokyo, Accra, Athens, Gothenburg, Stockholm

Petter Bergander has let the silhuets of skyscrapers and the noise of late night street kitchens mix with classic Swedish folk tune. The result is an album that communicates strongly with a modern, international jazz scene.

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