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Format: CD
Release date: 16.12.2016
Genre: Jazz

20th Century Dog’s new album Bone presents a set of musical ideas that have been gnawed on for over a decade. Ideas that were buried in the yard, dug up, buried in the yard, dug up again. Like any good bone, these have stood the test of time. Bassist, composer and producer Cameron Undy has been lying somewhat dormant for the past 10 years, putting his energy into building the world-renowned ‘Venue 505’ in Surry Hills, Sydney, and working as a sideman with a diverse range of artists including jazz legend Pharaoh Sanders, Bugz in the Attic and number-one selling singer-songwriter Passenger. Meanwhile, Undy has been steadily developing material for this new album, a collection of uplifting jazz, funk, afro beat and broken beat material, delivered by his stellar band, 20th Century Dog, whose 2004 release Mad Stream was described as “something approaching improvised perfection” (John Shand, SMH). With this new release the grooves are layered by Undy’s bass, Ben Hauptmann’s guitar, Greg Coffin’s keys, Simon Barker and Jamie Cameron’s drums, and Ben Kidson’s percussion, allowing the African hocket-style rhythms to deliver odd-meters that appeal equally to the body and the mind. Jeremy Rose’s tenor saxophone and bass clarinet melodies capture a folk-like, sing-able essence, and at times, opening into areas of improvisation. Recorded live at Venue 505 over two days and one evening concert, Bone captures the band’s energy in front of a live audience, coupled with a studio like performance quality.

20th Century Dog - Bone

    1. Sun Rock 09:15
    2. Tail of the Dragon 11:21
    3. Anagram 02:23
    4. Dog Day 08:58
    5. Vibrant 06:33
    6. Sunrise 03:19
    7. Broken Creak 09:22
    8. Bone 06:02
    9. Constellation 02:21
    10. Bust Down/Parallelism 14:17

    Jeremy Rose - tenor sax & bass clarinet
    Greg Coffin - piano & keys
    Ben Hauptmann - guitar
    Cameron Undy - bass
    Simon Barker & Log Jamie Cameron - drums
    Ben Kidson - percussion

    "A triumph of inventive rhythmic exploration"

    "left this reviewer speechless... Booty shaking but mind bending at the same time"

    "A very 21st-century take on groove… irresistible while also being brilliantly unpredictable."
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