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Format: CD - Jewel Case
Release date: 23.04.2018
Genre: Jazz


The Turning Point is the first album as band leader by the trumpeter Alessandro Bottacchiari. Five original compositions inspired by the modern sounds of the New York jazz scene and two standards presented in an original guise, these are the elements used in this debut album to describe a “turning point” towards new artistic experiences and new goals. A synthesis of musical and life experiences that come together in a series of compositions with balanced sounds supported arrangements designed to enhance the melodic lines at their best and underline their character.

Alessandro Bottacchiari - The Turning Point


    1 Into the Airplane 8:30

    2 Soulful 7:42

    3 Modern Song 6:36

    4 Sadness Times 10:00

    5 The Turning Point 9:05

    6 Dear John 5:07

    7 My Foolish Heart 9:26

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