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Format: CD - Digipack 4 pages
Release date: 21.11.2012
Genre: Jazz

Afterlife and Home were written for we call the vikings, the touring exhibition that challenges our picture of the viking age. Who were they, how did they live and what did their world look like? These are some of the questions that are being answered in this modern exhibition, with the help of unique objects, exciting design and an intriguing soundtrack.

Andy Pfeiler - We Call Them Vikings

  • 1Afterlife 6:34
    3Frozen Water 5:28
    4Lullaby 6:47
    5Improvisation No. 12:22
    6Bells 6:53
    7Improvisation No. 2 6:10
    8If Someone Wants To 5:52

    Total Time46:10

    All music written and produced by. Andy Pfeiler.
    All songs performed and arranged by Andy Pfeiler.
    All music published by Daion Publishing, except for 8, published by Skip Sounds.

    Nils Landgren – Trombone on 8 (appears courtesy of ACT Records, München).
    Petter Ljunggren - Jews harp, bone flute, cow horn, bull roar, wooden trumpet.
    Tobias Gabrielson - trumpet fills on 8.

    All songs recorded at Studio Monïca by Andy Pfeiler, except for 8, recorded in Ze Livingroom and at Nils Landgrens House in Skillinge.
    Mixed by Andy Pfeiler at Studio Monica, Stockholm.
    Mastered by Hoffe Stannow at Cosmos Mastering, Stockholm.
    Artwork by Oliver Pfeiler, Studio Exhibit, Vienna.
    Cover photo by Gabriel Hildebrand/National Historical Museum.

    If Someone Wants To also appears on Andy P & Jideblaskos - Music - Movement.
    Thanks to:
    Oliver & Christina, Astrid, Helena, Nisse L, Hoffe S, Tobbe G, Petter L, The Historiska Muséet Crew, Museumspartner.

    p+c 2012 Daion Recordings
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