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EUC 11666 (Eucalypdisc Records)
Format: CD - Digipack 4 pages
Release Date: 13.01.2012
Genre: Rock

Album No. five of the Stoner Metal Kings from southern Germany comes along in a pretty new coat. Electro Baby are joining Metal, Stoner, Doom and a lot of Retro-Psychedelia combined with rock-hard guitar riffs and cross-genre vocals. This mixture is explosive and will make all Rock-Maniacs feel their hearts beating faster! This Album is first choice for Listeners of Zakk Wylde, Down, Grand Magus and of course Led Zeppelin....

Electro Baby - Evilution

  • 1Doomsday AD 6:57
    2Band of the Dead 4:18
    3Heads Will Roll 7:33
    4Someplace Quiet 6:01
    5Hellevator 5:04
    6Evilution 9:27

    Total Time:39:20

    ELECTRO BABY are:El Matador - VokillsRobmaster Flash - Left 666-String
    Kim Page - Right 666-StringMr. Olli Buster - Low End Drumgod - Battery

    All songs written and performed by ELECTRO BABY. All rights reserved.
    Recorded, mixed and mastered by Wolfgang "Frickes" Frickinger. Produced by Wolfgang "Frickes" Frickinger & ELECTRO BABY.
    Guest vocals on "Heads Will Roll" by Seb of AllHazeRed.
    Artwork by Mr. Olli Buster.Frontcover based on an image of Julie Strain.
    Bandpicture by Ann Buster.

    p+c 2012 Eucalypdisc Records
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