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EUC 14668/9 (Eucalypdisc Records)
Format: CD - Digipack 4 pages / 12” 180g Stereo Vinyl LP incl. Bonus CD
Release Date: 24.10.2014
Genre: Rock

After 13 years their sonic roadtrip "Flies Are Happy About Coyote Shit" leads straight into the desert. With their 6th record the four power packs show once more, that they push their style through without reserve and don't give a ratt's ass about any frontiers of sub-genres. Stoner Rock, Doom, Blues, as well as 70th Psychedelia settled in with ELECTRO BABY and founded an august family.
The addicted listenership of all rock genres can confidently catch the blow of ELECTRO BABY and get some asses kicked! "The neat steaming mix of Stoner, Grunge, Alternative Metal and Heavy Rock plays in the same league as similar international acts. People who own records of Alice In Chains between albums of Orange Goblin and The Quill will surely love them." Andreas Himmelstein/Rock Hard Magazine

Electro Baby - Flies Are Happy About Coyote Shit

  • 1Awakening of the Sleeping Shaman 1:42
    2The Old Fighting Juice 4:13
    3Flies Are Happy About Coyote Shit 5:57
    4King of the Delta 5:57
    5Lone Wolf 4:30
    6City of Sleep 3:47
    7Lords of Destruction 5:19
    8Stoneman 7:35

    Total Time:39:00

    ELECTRO BABY are:El Matador / vokills, Kim Page / 666-string, Mr. Olli Buster / Low End, Drumgod / Battery
    All songs written and performed by ELECTRO BABY

    Recorded, mixed and mastered by Wolfgang "Frickes" FrickingerCover artwork, photography and bandpromo by Ann Buster Photography,
    Pre production by Manu Urrutia

    p+c 2014 Eucalypdisc Records
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