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EUC 10667 (Eucalypdisc Records)
Format: CD - Jewel Case
Release Date: 21.06.2010
Genre: Rock

The tank is full, the engine is roaring and the bags are packed. ELECTRO BABY are unstoppable on their roadtrip. Dusty metal-riffs and flying sound-tapestries pioneer their journey towards the psycho-supernova.
With their fourth record the five power packs show once more, that they push their style through without reserve and don't give a ratt's ass about any frontiers of sub-genres. Stoner Rock, Doom Metal, Indie, as well as 70th Psychedelia settled in with Electro Baby and founded an august family.
Live the crowd has to face fat rock-walls, coupled with billowing space-guitars and punchy retro-wave-sounds. Thereby the vocal wonder El Matador feels free to descend to abyssal monsters and is crossing the Himalaya at the same time. With a new label and freshly laundered duds Messieurs Robmaster Flash, Kim Page, Mr. Olli Buster and The Incredible Drumgod prove what they have inside the can and what is the cherry on top.
The addicted listenership of all rock genres can confidently catch the blow of Electro Baby and get some asses kicked!

Electro Baby - Speye

  • 1The Arrival 5:16
    2The Man with the Black Cat 3:43
    3How Far 5:32
    4Demon Eyes 5:41
    5Home 5:44
    6She's Hellfire 4:39
    7Traveller in Time 7:12
    8Let Me Rock 4:19
    9Children of a New Believe 6:35
    10Love Me, Love My Dog 5:16
    11Go! 4:47
    12In the Shadows 8:46

    Total Time:67:30

    ELECTRO BABY are:El Matador / vokills, Robmaster Flash / 666-string, The Neighbour / 667-string, Mr. Olli Buster / Low End, Drumgod / Battery
    All notes, beats, breaks and words are written and performed by ELECTRO BABY. All rights reserved.Female vocals on TRAVELLER IN TIME by Carmen "Electra" Grossmann.

    Recorded between july and december 2009 by DANIEL at MURGTALSTUDIOS.
    Mixed between january and march 2010 by KUNIGK at MURGTALSTUDIOS.
    Mastered in march 2010 by Alex Kloss at TIME TOOLS.
    Produced by THE NEIGHBOUR.
    Artwork by Mr. Olli Buster.Bandpictures by Ann Buster.Frontcover image based on a part of a picture of Julie Strain.

    p+c 2010 Eucalypdisc Records
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