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Format: CD - Jewel Case
Release date: 03.04.2017
Genre: Jazz

“North Clouds” is the result of the Italian-Danish experience completed by Fabio Giachino that blends music influences from melodic mediterranean tradition together with the north european one. Stunning Jazz trio performance enriched by the presence of two important guests: Benjamin Koppel on saxes and Paolo Russo on bandoneon. Through these original songs, Fabio Giachino highlights its outstanding capabilities both as a composer and improviser from trio combo to quintet ensemble.

Fabio Giachino - North Clouds

  • 1 My Journey 5:38
    2 Poetto’s Wind 5:40
    The Plane is Late 6:57
    Dancing Swan 7:25
    Charlottelund Beach 8:15
    North Clouds 8:04
    Dreaming Waltz 4:44
    Lover Stay Away 8:19
    Azalea 6:33

    Fabio Giachino piano
    Matthias Flemming Petri double bass
    Espen Laub Von Lillienskjold drums
    Benjamin Koppel saxes
    Paolo Russo bandoneon
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