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Format: CD
Release date: 01.12.2015
Genre: Jazz

The project is masterminded by trumpet player Nick Garbett (The Vampires, The Strides) and co-produced by Paulie Bromley (Bobby Alu, George, The Beautiful Girls) and Declan Kelly (DK & the Rising Sun, Katie Noonan, Diesel 'n' Dub) at Bromley's Tanuki Lounge Studios in Brisbane. The album features a slew of heavyweight musicians helping to flesh out Garbett's compositions, resulting in a dedicated meditation on the instrumental style pioneered by old world Jamaican masters such as Sly and Robbie, Tommy McCook and The Skatalites just to name a few. It's one of those records that sounds killer at all volumes; your environment will become badass no matter what the setting. Enjoy!

Garfish - Volume 1

    1 Laughing Jackass and the Sun Fire 4:59
    2 Keegan the Pikey 2:26
    3 Frigate Bird Blues 3:21
    4 Declan and the Fish Hawk 4:08
    5 Betta e una Balena 4:41
    6 From the Gates of Garfish 3:07
    7 Lord Tanuki Himself 3:00
    8 Matty Meets the Mouse 5:09
    9 Boss Bone Green 5:00
    10 Priority Boarding 3:45
    11 El Ultimo Hombre 4:13

    Nick Garbett: Trumpet, Organ, Keyboards
    Matt Keegan: Tenor Saxophone
    James Greening: Trombone
    Peter Farrar: C Melody Saxophone (tracks 5,11)
    Paulie Bromley: Bass, Guitars
    Declan Kelly: Drums, Percussion, Guitars
    Matt Smith: Guitar (track 8)
    Carlos Adura: Percussion
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