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Format: CD - Jewel Case
Release date: 15.12.2013
Genre: Jazz

Noise In The Box, a long and exciting journey full of sonorous surprises and stylistic influences in which compositions at the limit of musical genres represent a bridge that crosses the most extreme musically diverse territories. Complex architectural compositions alternate with moments of elegant minimalism, while prolonged moments of vibrant energy give way to reminiscent melodies without ever sacrificing the coherence of a musical discourse whose hallmarks are sounds, words and echoes of a lived musical life. All of this and more are all jammed pack into a little box. It will be the first album as a band leader for eclectic guitarist Luigi Masciari , an experienced performer who has numerous collaborations with renowned Italian artists including Danilo Rea and Paul Damiani , an award-winning composer in the United States who honed his talents by learning from legendary musicians such as Billy Taylor, George Cables and Curtis Fuller, is the skillful director of this musical project which features special guest Francesco Bearzatti, one of the most active and creative saxophonists in jazz in Europe. Musical atmospheres clearly derived from rock mesh with songs centred on collective improvisation, while markedly blues pieces blend with reminiscences of a more traditional jazz . Unusual ways to accompanying characterize the rhythmic phrasing of Patsrnesi, who, in perfect harmony with the fluid bass lines designed extemporaneously by Mencarelli provides the necessary support to exceptional soloists such as Cristiano Arcelli – undisputed saxophone genius – and Enrico Zanisi – recent revelation of Italian jazz pianism , who demonstrates his expertise with the fender rhodes with absolute ease. Therefore, it is an ambitious musical project that tells a true story of “ noisy “ emotions as it shifts in and out of musical areas that are not always easy to label. Discography: “The G-Session”

Gianluca Lusi - Never Fault Behind The Scenes

  • 1 Hayashi 1:30
    2 Partial Parody 5:24
    3 Ametre 3:12
    4 What I Remember 5:19
    5 B.Less 6:53
    6 Blue Noise 6:15
    7 Over Talk 3:43
    8 Tube Station 4:52
    9 Out Box 3:01

    Luigi Masciari guitar
    Cristiano Arcelli sax
    Enrico Zanisi fender rhodes
    Daniele Mencarelli electric bass
    Alessandro Paternesi drums
    Emiliano Di Meo samples & FX
    Francesco Bearzatti tenor sax
    Oona Rea voice
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