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Format: CD - Digipack 4 pages
Release date: 01.10.2009

Finnish pianist, keyboardist and composer Jussi Fredriksson is one the most interesting young jazzmusicians in Finland. In November 2009 he released debut album ”Busy Turtles” including seven compositions of energetic modern 21st century jazz with appraising reviews. The musicians on “Busy Turtles” represent the top ranks of today´s jazz with such names as Tero Saarti of Umo Jazz Orchestra on trumpet and the phenomenal Teemu Viinikainen on guitar. Behind them you can find two rowdy giants of rhythm; bassist Ville Huolman and drummer Jussi Lehtonen form an explosive rhythm section that is not lacking energy or skill. Fredriksson´s music has a wide variety of influences, ranging from acoustic jazz of the days gone by to the electric sounds of today. This album is not trying to catch a certain retro kind of atmosphere, even though old Moogs and several other vintage instruments and recording equipment used on the album hint at the 70s fusion jazz, such as Weather Report, Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea and Jan Hammer. Despite the high energy and effervescent colors of the album, one can not avoid hearing also Fredriksson´s Scandinavian roots that spices things up with a bit melancholic and thoughtful flavors. On the other hand, “Busy Turtles” pays respect to traditional music-centered way of artistic progress and is not trying to sound anything but itself, which brings the music even stronger to this day. His composing differs from traditional way of writing jazz, creating exceptionally long and multidimensional themes. Some tracks take the listener on a long journey as well as some create bluesy and relaxed moods. Fredriksson´s organic use of odd time signatures is also characteristic to his unique compositional style.

Jussi Fredriksson - Busy Turtles

    1 Busy Turtles 7:59
    2 Etude In Ab 5:12
    3 Moods Without Filter 9:50
    4 Glen On The Beach 5:37
    5 Beetle 7:29
    6 Fly 8:57
    7 Ballad 6:43

    Jussi Fredriksson - keyboards and compositions
    Tero Saarti - trumpet
    Teemu Viinikainen - guitar
    Ville Huolman - bass
    Jussi Lehtonen - drums
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