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Format: CD - Digipack 4 pages
Release date: 14.10.2014

On their new album, the Jussi Fredriksson Trio approaches the theme of uncertainty. The theme of the album was inspired by the words of the Finnish novelist Tove Jansson: "All things are so very uncertain, and that’s exactly what makes me feel reassured”. Fredriksson himself comments that "the theme of uncertainty doesn't relate to personal insecurity here, but rather to the positive connotations of not knowing how thing will turn out, and the open process of creative thinking." Pianist Jussi Fredriksson has composed an expressive set of new tunes for his recently-formed piano trio. What makes this album stand out is its strong melodic character and its fascinating rhythmic ideas combined with a fresh touch on the production. The recording sounds intimate, as if the band would be playing right in front of you in the same room, which gives the album a peaceful and warm mood. Jussi Fredriksson (born 1980) is one of the key figures in Finnish jazz. He works actively not onlu as a musician but also as the executive producer of Turku's Flame Jazz jazz concert series, the owner of the Fredriksson Music record label, the co-leader of the collective Jazz HUG and as the vice president of the Finnish Jazz Federation. In addition to the trio featured on the new album, his active bands include Fredator and Jussi Fredriksson Jazz Wars, in addition to which he can be found in the ranks of many A-list Finnish jazz ensembles such as Nassaun Fasaani, Aura Flow and the Koko Jazz Orchestra. Bass player Jori Huhtala (born 1984) is about to release hos debut album as a leader with the Jori Huhtala 5. Huhtala is also part of the bands Kvalda, Big Blue, Raoul Björkenheim Ecstasy and Jussi Fredriksson Jazz Wars. Mika Kallio (born 1974) is one of the most stylistically versatile drummers working on the Finnish scene. He plays with high standards and a very personal style no matter what the context.

Jussi Fredriksson Trio - ?

    1 Why 7:19
    2 Chat With a Bass Drum 6:38
    3 Uuno Walk 6:36
    4 Aei-Man Kaeki 5:19
    5 Keep It Real 4:22
    6 Dudi Dudi 6:13
    7 Confusion Part II 3:16

    Jussi Fredriksson - piano
    Jori Huhtala - bass
    Mika Kallio - drums
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