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Format: CD - Digipack 4 pages
Release date: 23.08.2013

Pianist Jussi Fredriksson's new album Jazz Wars is a jazz epic centering around the themes of power and warfare. The album is made up of two four-part compositions where the mood shifts from high-flown battle episodes to more subtle tones. The album sees the absolute cream of Finnish jazz battle it out, with Joonatan Rautio on saxophone, Jukka Eskola on trumpet, Marzi Nyman on guitar, Jori Huhtala on bass and Jukkis Uotila, a long-standing, influential figure on the Finnish jazz scene and currently also Professor at the Sibelius Academy's Department of Jazz, on drums. Jazz War’s approximately 30-minute compositions form a whole that references different jazz traditions while also showcasing each musician's individual musical language and improvisation skills. The album opens with a musical battle, that has a cinematic, grandiose feel to it, almost to the point of being naive at times. The second composition has a more philosophical tone and deals with the power of communities and authorities over individuals, and the role of an individual in relation to these two. The dramatic tension carries through the battle episodes' almost overblown proportions to the peaceful ending that leaves more room for free-form improvisation.

Jussi Fredriksson Trio - Jazz Wars I & II

    1 Jazz Wars I Part 1: Home 4:47
    2 Jazz Wars I Part 2: Journey 8:11
    3 Jazz Wars I Part 3: Battle 11:18
    4 Jazz Wars I Part 4: Return 2:55
    5 Jazz Wars II Part 1: No Doubts 9:43
    6 Jazz Wars II Part 2: Hesitation 8:44
    7 Jazz Wars II Part 3: Peace 4:44
    8 Jazz Wars II Part 4 3:43

    Jussi Fredriksson, piano and keyboards
    Joonatan Rautio, saxophone
    Jukka Eskola, trumpet
    Marzi Nyman, guitar
    Jori Huhtala, bass
    Jukkis Uotila, drums
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