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Format: CD - Jewel Case
Release date: 01.04.2012
Genre: Jazz

“If the current direction of blue notes can testify to both the past and future of jazz, the music of Marco Acquarelli’s quintet lends aesthetic awareness and listening pleasure to an elegantly produced album to be considered as “historical feeling” and intention to put forward intelligent and sophisticated ideas, without ever falling in to dèjà ècoutè but rather creatively innovating an already extraordinarily composed repertoire. Its sense of the “contemporary”, featuring fundamental and luminous arrangements and solos, bears witness to a wide-ranging artistic universe, a poetic glow of absolute and superb appeal.”

Marco Acquarelli - They Say It’s Spring

  • 1 11/11/11 6:51
    2 Is She Real? 6:30
    3 Wives And Lovers 8:20
    4 The Things We Did last Summer 7:12
    5 Minore 6:05
    6 Minuet circa ‘61 6:18
    7 Let’s Face The Music And Dance 7:25
    8 They Say It’s Spring 6:33

    Marco Acquarelli guitar
    Pietro Lussu piano
    Luca Fattorini double bass
    Marco Valeri drums
    Alice Ricciardi voc
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