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Format: CD - Jewel case
Release Date: 01.10.2011
Genre: Jazz

Sachie Matsushita - Tribute

  • 1Maria & Anna (to Bach)2:08
    2The Little Prince (to Mozart)3:16
    3Gypsy (to Beethoven)3:47
    4Mendelssohnian (to Mendelssohn)3:24
    5A Little Bird Waltz (to Chopin)3:48
    6How Far Is It To You (to Schumann)4:54
    7A Swan Song (to Tchaikovsky)4:42
    8Grieg's Mood (to Grieg)5:26
    9Sunshine (to Elgar)2:05
    10Impressionism (to Debussy)3:32
    11Satiely Sachie (to Satie)5:25
    12Beautiful Mountain (to Schönberg)4:12
    13B.B.'s Bounce (to Bartok)2:28
    14Dedicated to Paul Gerhardt Church2:27

    Total Time: 51:34

    all songs composed by Sachie Matsushita

    Sachie Matsushita (piano)

    Recorded August 2010 at Paul Gerhardt Church, Mannheim
    Engineer: Paul Kalt

    Cover Photo: Frank Schindelbeck
    Setting: Schrank MedienDesign

    p+c 2011 Fumiya Music
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