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HMM 1456-022
Format: CD - Digipack 6 pages
Release date: 27.11.2015
Genre: Holiday, Pop, Smooth Jazz

It’s Christmastime - Christmas songs refreshingly different!

New and old on one album: The duo „Sternkind“ (engl. Starchild) surprises its listeners with a variety of own songs and newly interpreted Christmas songs. The album is clearly influenced by pop and jazz music. Rieke Katz and Gabi Kohler enchant their audience with warm and electrifying music.

Sternkind - Draußen fällt der Schnee

  • 1 Snowflakes 2:58
    2 Da, seht Ihr den Stern 3:05
    3 Sehnsucht 4:05
    4 It’s Christmastime 3:52
    5 Praise him 3:44
    6 Oh, It’s Christmas 2:48
    7 Seht her 2:56
    8 Draußen fällt der Schnee 4:06
    9 Tochter Zion 3:43
    10 Weihnachten ist nah 3:29
    11 Es ist ein Ros entsprungen 5:12
    12 Stille Nacht 2:50
    13 Schlaf süß 5:24

    Total Time: 48:12

    All songs arranged or written by Sternkind.

    Sternkind are:
    Rieke Katz: vocals, transverse flute, percussion
    Gabi Kohler: vocals, piano, guitar, percussion

    Song 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 13:
    Stephan Gembler: keyboard Marco Kühnl: bass
    Björn Glindemann: drums

    Recording, Mixing and Mastering by Valentin Schilling Mixing Assistant: Hanne Stenzel
    Illustration: Stefanie Kohler

    Distribution: Willi Lüders -

    We want to thank our families for their patience and indulgence. Stefanie Kohler for the spontaneous photo shooting at the last day with snow and the lovely illustration. Our graphic designer Bruno Schwarz, who edited the pictures. Thanks to our sound engineer and friend Valentin Schilling, who was very patient with us. Additional thanks goes to our band: Stephan Gembler, Björn Glindemann und Marco Kühnl. It has been wonderful days!
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