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Format: CD
Release date: 23.03.2013
Genre: Jazz

Garfish is the third album by World-Roots jazz group The Vampires. With a depth of improvised sophistication and world music cross-overs from Jamaica and South America, The Vampires have received both critical acclaim and an ability to make people dance. Featuring compositions by saxophonist Jeremy Rose (2009 Bell Award Winner for Young Australian Jazz Artist of the Year) and trumpeter Nick Garbett (National Jazz Award finalist), their music carries echoes of early jazz and the hay-day of bebop, to the searching nature of Ornette Coleman and John Zorn's Masada. Joining them are the powerful and dynamic rhythm section of double bassist Alex Boneham (James Morrison Prize) and drummer Alex Masso. Their two releases - South Coasting (JazzGroove) and Chellowdene (Earshift/Fuse) have been hailed as a fresh sound, leading to extensive touring and appearances at major festivals around Australia including the Melbourne International Jazz Festival, Wangaratta International Jazz Festival, The Manly International Jazz Festival, Jazzgroove Futures Festival, SIMA Jazz Visions Festival and the Peats Ridge Festival. In 2011 The Vampires attended Dave Douglas' Banff Workshop for Jazz and Creative Music where they were nurtured by some of modern jazz's leading lights including Clarence Penn and Dave Douglas, who workshopped material for their third release. The album also sees the return of Chilean percussionist Fabian Hevia and trombonist Shannon Barnett. The artwork for the album, "The Hunter" by Andre Blaise, is part of the Artworks for Haiti charity which uses profits to provide support for children of some of the villages in Haiti affected by the earthquake.

The Vampires - Garfish

    1. Garfish
    2. Haiti
    3. Strugglin’
    4. Less is More
    5. Heston
    6. Dragon Del Sur
    7. Antipodean Love Song
    8. All I See
    9. Life in the Fast Lane

    Jeremy Rose - alto saxophone
    Nick Garbett - trumpet
    Alex Boneham - double bass
    Alex Masso - drums
    Fabian Hevia - percussion
    Shannon Barnett - trombone
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