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Format: CD - Digipack 4 pages
Release date: 06.10.2017
Genre: Jazz: Jazz Rock / Fusion, Fusion, World-Jazz / Ethno-Jazz

"First-time collaborations rarely sound as convincing and natural as this one did.” The Age “A distinctive gumbo that was more eminently accessible, grooved harder and created a bigger sound than might have seemed possible.” - John Kelman, All About Jazz "The Vampires play with wit, soulful melody and invention" – SMH “Each member is an expert soloist” - The Advertiser “Excite, provoke and soothe.” Sun Herald Sun The Vampires Meet Lionel Loueke is the fifth album from Australian quartet The Vampires, augmented by special guests and the extraordinary Blue Note Records guitarist Lionel Loueke. The music on the album is the result of years of musical development and ambitious preparation, as the band set out to make their fifth album something different to the past four; South Coasting, Chellowdene, Garfish and Tiro. The band brought Lionel to Australia to tour and record, playing new music written for the project. Lloyd Swanton, well known as the bassist from The Necks, produced the album. Lionel has enjoyed a meteoric rise in the jazz world, collaborating with seminal jazz figures including Wayne Shorter, Esperanza Spalding and Herbie Hancock, who praised him as “a musical painter”. The Vampires’ co-leader and saxophonist Jeremy Rose says “Lionel effortlessly joined The Vampires, normally a chordless quartet, for this project with humility and a way of collaborating that allowed his own influence and character to come through while perfectly fitting in as a member of the band.” The Vampires have been relentlessly touring for the past 10 years throughout Australia, as well as performances in the UK, Canada and Europe. Combining risk-taking improvisation, sophisticated compositions and an uncanny sense of dialogue between the sax/trumpet frontline, the band has developed a style of its own.

The Vampires Meet Lionel Loueke

    1 Endings & Beginnings pt. I 02:05
    2 Hard Love 04:59
    3 Freedom Song 05:56
    4 Green, Green, Green 07:43
    5 Bendalong 05:10
    6 Torta Salata 07:27
    7 Suck a Seed 06:19
    8 Ubud Bubble 03:57
    9 Brand New 07:38
    10 Endings & Beginnings pt. II 02:28

    Jeremy Rose: saxophone, bass clarinet
    Nick Garbett: trumpet
    Jonathan Zwartz: double bass
    Danny Fischer: drums (all tracks except 3 & 5)
    Alex Masso: drums, percussion (tracks 3 & 5)
    With guest Lionel Loueke: acoustic & electric guitar, and vocals

    All About Jazz
    A distinctive gumbo that was more eminently accessible, grooved harder and created a bigger sound than might have seemed possible.

    16.10.2017 Vienna, Austria
    15.10.2017 London, United Kingdom
    14.10.2017 Berlin, Germany
    13.10.2017 Edinburgh, United Kingdom
    11.10.2017 Paris, France
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