Format: 12” 180g Stereo Vinyl LP + Bonus CD
Release date: 10. November 2017
Genre: Jazz: Funk

“Funk With Full Power!”

The Tomi Salesvuo East Funk Attack has been called a “thickly dynamic invasion of funk”. The powerhouse of a group will release their second title, “Rhythm” on Friday, November 10th, 2017 in Germany. On the album, Salesvuo leads an amazing line-up of Finnish musicians, brought in from the front line of making sure the funk keeps on thumping.

From the infectious rhythms of guitarist Marzi Nyman, to the passionate vocals of Anniina Karjalainen, this 9-piece group is taking their experiences from their strong live performances to completely new levels on this new East Funk Attack release! Anniina’s vocal stylings, which have hit home with audiences at the group’s numerous performances, are complemented by the energetic and grooving instrumental numbers, which feature the MC talents of Sam Renascent (BE) and the bandleading drummer himself! With musical compositions and album production handled by the leader, the group’s own guitarist and sound recordist, Matias Kiiveri, has taken charge of sound engineering duties, complementing their unified vision of funk.

“During the last few years, I’ve had an idea in mind about a large group, functioning as a melting pot for my idea of playing rhythmic music. I’m presenting my vision of the combinations of the relentless joy of playing music and catchy melodies. Essentially, we’re packaging the hypnotic rhythm of music with jazz improvisation, telling our life stories of growth as humans. I have the feeling that this feeling is now coming to life, and the potential for our growth as a group on “Rhythm” feels limitless!” says Salesvuo, in an inspired mood.

“Rhythm” is released on the heels of the success of East Funk Attack’s debut album, "EFA", which was released in Finland in 2014.


    Side One:
    1 Rhythm 3:54
    2 Funk That War 2:52
    3 Funky Friday 3:12
    4 Rhythm Is Da Thing 2:55
    5 We Got It Good 3:05
    Side Two:
    1 Mr. Prince II 5:52
    2 Love (I Need It) 4:09
    3 Funking It With J 3:44
    4 Messed Up World 4:24

    Anniina Karjalainen: Vocals
    Kasperi Kallio: Rhodes & Keys
    Roope Löflund: Saxophone
    Mari Talala: Trumpet
    Marzi Nyman: Guitar
    Matias Kiiveri: Rhythm Guitar
    Jarkkis Toivanen: Bass
    Joonas Kaikko: Percussion
    Tomi Salesvuo: Drums

    on tour supported by Matti Klein Soul Trio
    07.12. Berlin, Quasimodo
    08.12. Mühlheim a.d. Ruhr - Sol Kulturbar
    09.12. Minden - Jazz Club
    10.12. Horn-Bad Meinberg - Red Horn District
    11.12. Hamburg - Birdland
    13.12. Zülpich - Live Proberaum
    14.12. Karlsruhe - Tempel
    15.12. Hannover - Jazz Club
    19.12. Helsinki - Tavastia

    Jazzrytmit - Pale Saarinen
    Tomi Salesvuo produziert mit seiner East Funk Attack Band sehr ehrgeizi- ge Rhythmusmusik im Stil der 70er Jahre so, dass man behaupten kann, dass diese Art von energetischem Album bisher noch von keinem nni- schen Künstler gehört wurde.

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