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Format: CD - Digipack 4 pages
Release date: 14.09.2018

Finnish jazzfunk greats Nassaun Fasaani release new album “Nassonaut” The band’s sophomore effort gets international release. The band is co-led by drummer Toni Porthen and saxophonist Joonatan Rautio and the quintet features noted hard hitters from the Finnish jazz scene. The new album offers a heavy dose of jazzfunk with a touch of world music flavours. Nassaun Fasaani, an energetic jazzfunk quintet bringing together some of the most highly regarded musicians in the vibrant Finnish jazz scene, is releasing their second album “Nassonaut” internationally via Fredriksson Music. The band’s solid lineup features its co-leaders drummer Toni Porthen and sax man Joonatan Rautio alongside keyboardist Jussi Fredriksson, bassist Juho Kivivuori and percussionist Abdissa Assefa. “Nassonaut” introduces a musical vision filled with the strong desire to embark on musical adventures inspired not only by jazz but also by the rich musical traditions of West Africa and South America. Essentially, Nassaun Fasaani is a vehicle for Porthen and Rautio to sketch out their vision of contemporary electric jazzfunk. The element of surprise looms large in the mix, and the original compositions showcase the sheer power of the unit. The band released their debut album “Return” in 2014, and with the new album the band reaches another level of musical expression filled with rich harmonies, catchy melodies and rhythmic fabrics infused with a natural sense of danceability. The members of Nassaun Fasaani are each deeply rooted in the active creative jazz scene in Finland. Porthen works actively with various pop productions and Rautio leads his own trio plues features in multiple groups such as Jussi Lehtonen Band and Koko Jazz Orchestra. Fredriksson is the braind behind’s Turku’s Flame Jazz concept and he also leads his own trio plus the label Fredriksson Music, Kivivuori is currently active in groups such as Martti Vesala Soundpost Quintet and Jori Huhtala 3, and Assefa is an original member of the globe-trotting Timo Lassy Band. “This is Finland’s answer to Weather Report!” – Satakunnan Kansa newspaper “World music influences meet jazz masterfully in Nassaun Fasaani’s music.” – Soundi Magazine (5/5) “Nassaun Fasaani swings in an effortless and solid fashion.” – Ilkka newspaper

Nassaun Fasaani - Nassonaut

    1 Spy 10:19
    2 Brick By Brick 6:39
    3 Maybe Tomorrow 5:57
    4 Action 6:53
    5 Mercurius 3:36
    6 High 5:51

    Jussi Fredriksson - piano Jori
    Huhtala - bass
    Mika Kallio - drums
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