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HMM 1456-028
Format: CD - Digipack 6 pages
Release date: 06.04.2018
Genre: Vocal Pop Jazz

“That’s Me”, Rieke Katz’s new album title says it all. The eleven songs on the record are orchestrated intelligently and lean towards well-tested classic sounds, thus bidding you welcome in the life of this charismatic singer. Third of the album is an absolute novelty to this likeable Karlsruhe-based singer. As her first album was solely composed of English texts, she now also sings in her native tongue of German. The amazing side effect of singing in German is the enhancement of her, already, impressive vocal range, thus building a bridge between pop and jazz. But “That’s Me” also expands the subjects of this vocal-jazz-pop artist with grounded funk – having “earworm” potential. Being young and aspiring in her essence she fascinates several generations with her music. A cover of Lady Gaga’ “Poker Face” is surprisingly and seemingly effortless led to R&B sounds, whereas when listening to the easy-listening classic “’s Wonderful” by George and Ida Gershwin you may just forget the burden of your day and feel the lightness of falling in love. Being at a concert of Rieke Katz is always a promise for good mood, as she always states: “A sunny song may also lighten up the night as well as melancholy can be found in the light of day. Everything is part of life. One thing causes the other – on my album, in my life. “That’s Me” undoubtedly is my most personal and cheerful statement.”

Rieke Katz - That's me!


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