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HMM 1456-027
Format: CD - Digipack 4 pages
Release date: 13.04.2017
Genre: Jazz, Soul, Contemporary, HipHop / Rap

RSxT combines the lyrical power of the piano with the vitality of groove music. „On Behalf Of Myself“ is a fresh and contemporary interpretation of jazz, that brings the sound between the worlds of Jazz, Hip Hop and Electro to life. „Plus x“ gives the band a special impulsivity and a dynamic range from solo-piano to a full fusion band-sound.

Roman Schuler extended Trio (RSxT) - On Behalf Of Myself

    1 Life Is A Wave 7:02
    2 Wisehite 4:35
    3 Searching For Home 5:01
    4 You‘re Doing Right 5:28
    5 Tree Of Life 5:31
    6 Cityboy 5:42
    7 Be Good 4:51

    Roman Schuler - piano, synth, programming, composition
    Konrad Herbolzheimer - electric bass + moog bass
    Alex Klauck (live) - drums (on 1,3,4,6)
    Hans-Jakob Schüler (studio only) - drums (on 2,5,7)
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