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Format: CD
Release date: 10.11.2009
Genre: Jazz

The Strides debut self titled 2009 album: The Strides have been making waves with their original mix of reggae and afrobeat. The band is proud to be releasing their self titled debut album. The Strides formed when four old friends, Nick Garbett, Matt Smith, Jeremy Rose and Al Hicks moved to a sleepy coastal town south of Sydney and started writing music together. Having spent time maturing in place as far away as New York City, UK, Norway, Senegal Africa, and throughout Australia, they began writing music inspired by their travels and musical experiences. Soon expanding to a 10-piece, the band features some of Sydney's heaviest and grooviest instrumentalists. Their afro-beat and reggae grooves pay homage to the likes of Fela Kuti, Tony Allen, Bob Marley and Augustus Pablo. After several east coast tours, The Strides entered the studio under the guidance of respected drummer turned producer, Terepai Richmond. Pai is known for his work with The Whitlams, Missy Higgins,and King Tide, and his experience was a guiding force for The Strides' debut album. The self titled debut album features vocalists Ras Roni, Michelle Martinez and rising hip hop star LTL Gzeus.

The Strides - The Strides

    1. Step Back
    2. Inspiration (feat. Michelle Martinez)
    3. Masters No More
    4. Better To Love
    5. Inspiration (feat. Ras Roni)
    6. Fin Pistol
    7. La Mar

    Nick Garbett - trumpet
    Jeremy Rose - alto sax/flute
    Matt Ottignon - tenor sax
    Matt Smith - guitar
    Danny Pliner - keyboards/organ
    Nick Weaver - bass
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